1 day, 8 bands, 20 kegs of PBR: We're celebrating Rocktober with Rocktoberfest, our own local music festival Saturday at the Gateway.

That chill on your cheeks signifies several developments: leaves changing color, classes in session, football and fall TV seasons in full swing. And for the music fans around the Alive office, the autumnal indicators are cause for boisterous celebration: Rocktober is upon us!

At the dawn of fall, the concert calendar floods with more exciting live music events than any other time of year. Tons of local and national acts usually release new albums near the end of the year, and they take to Columbus stages en masse to promote their wares. Alive usually responds with an expanded Rocktober previews section, which you'll notice we've done again. But this year we've gone a step further and added our own festival to the fray.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Rocktoberfest.

This Saturday, Oct. 2, we'll be setting up shop at South Campus Gateway to host performances by eight awesome Columbus acts. Our diverse slate of music kicks off at 3 p.m. sharp and continues till 11. The festival is free and open to all ages, and those old enough to drink will support the Columbus Music Co-op with each beer purchase.

Lest we be left out of the new music parade, we'll be unleashing our latest local music compilation album - also completely free of charge. The disc features all eight Rocktoberfest performers plus eight more Columbus acts we're psyched about.

Allow me to introduce our incredible lineup of performers.