About the brewery

About the brewery

Brewer Matthias Leinenkugel brought his family from Germany to Wisconsin in the 1840s, and his son Jacob eventually traveled to Chippewa Falls to set up an eponymous brewery still in operation today. Drawing water from the infamous Big Eddy Spring, Leinenkugel's is one of the oldest breweries in the country and is responsible for familiar labels like Sunset Wheat and Honey Weiss.

When to drink it

In terms of logistics, that'd be November. This limited-edition treat started rolling out a few days ago and should be available throughout the month.

In terms of taste, though, the release was timed perfectly. Like most Russian imperial stouts, Big Eddy is the kind of drink for hearty, late-night talks around a fire. Pair it with friends, not food.

Why drink it ?

Boasting 11 malts and grains and three varieties of hops, Big Eddy is substantial in flavor and smell. Aromas of aged brandy and raspberry are followed by thick, rich coffee notes, a secretive sweetness and the occasional earthy pang of hops. Each sip brings something unique.

Even so, it's not the type that screams "I'm a stout, dammit!" two minutes after each swallow. If you're looking for an interesting and relatively easy stout, give this one a try.

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