Moxie's is in the smile-producing business.

Moxie's is in the smile-producing business.

The gift and candy shop with a private party room opened recently in Clintonville. It's all about the party, owner Mary Rodgers said.

The owners were inspired by old-time millinery shops: "The whole idea of the millinery store was, here you are in, say, Columbus, Ohio, and as the shopkeeper, I am bringing you things from London and France," said Rodgers, who owns the shop with her husband, Paul.

The Rodgers family searches for vintage barware to sell in the store alongside Fiesta dishware, Anchor glassware and colorful, patterned aprons made by Clintonville resident Donna Leigh-Osborne.

So far gift items such as glass beads and pendants handmade in Massachusetts and girls' charm bracelets have been popular, Rodgers said.

Expect unique Christmas ornaments to join the seasonal lineup soon.

Rodgers' 10-year-old son, Jed, has every kid's dream job: He gets to dictate which hard candies the store should sell. More than 50 varieties aim to please young ones with a dollar or two to spend and adults who want to taste the sweet, nostalgic flavor of caramel creams and Ring Pops.

In addition to paying by the piece, you can put together a party-ready gift set in one of many pretty glass jars. And, of course, candy and other items can be part of a party-room package.

The private room's Hollywood theme - black, white and red decor, with a mirrored table - makes it an ideal space for holding kids' parties, baby or bridal showers and after-work meetings, Rodgers said.

Rodgers has worked in retail - mostly as a manager - for years, and launching this hybrid business with Paul seemed to make sense for their family and neighborhood, she said.

"When we moved in, we wanted to make sure that we were adding something to Clintonville," she said. "We noticed that any [kids'] birthday party we went to was someplace other than Clintonville, and we also noticed that anytime we wanted to buy a gift for someone, we were leaving Clintonville."

Thanks to the Rodgers family, problem solved.