Grid Furnishings has been getting hype both locally and nationally.

Grid Furnishings has been getting hype both locally and nationally.

Even before it opened, the Short North shop was mentioned on a national design magazine's website.

And local furniture collectors and admirers of design and decor - especially of the modern American style - are delighted that the store sells chairs, couches, tables and desks from desired brands like Blu Dot.

"When I mention to people a couple of the lines I carry, sometimes I get the reaction where they're just very excited that this is coming to Columbus," owner Tim Friar said.

Grid Furnishings is the exclusive Central Ohio dealer for each of the lines it sells. A majority of those lines are based in Ohio.

One comes from Ohio State grad Joseph Ribic, who lives in Cleveland and designs stools, tables and minimalist light fixtures such as an upside-down "L"-shaped lamp. Ribic mentioned in an interview with Dwell magazine that some of his work would be available at Grid, along with stores in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

Friar, who collects modern furniture and has a background in design, intentionally selected furnishings that together create something forward-looking, he said.

"What we're trying to do here, in pulling these together," he said, "is really looking at what the next generation of 'modern' is."

In addition to chairs, couches, tables and beds, Grid offers artwork and "art furniture."

The artwork currently includes painted canvases by Leah Kandel of Boston as well as home accessories, like a modern take on pottery by Columbus' Kevin Kiser.

Art furniture refers to pieces that, whether one-of-a-kind or not, stand out for their often sculptural design and unique materials. The best example at Grid is a bicycle stool: A black bicycle seat tops a three-legged stool, the base of which is ringed by a bike tire, spokes and all.

"One of our goals is to go in that direction as well," Friar said, "to have art furniture that is close to an art piece, as well as a functional piece of furniture."