When did you grow your first mustache?

When did you grow your first mustache?

It's probably been about two years. Me and a friend of mine were going to see who could outlast the other with a mustache. Then I couldn't get rid of it.

Have you ever shaved it since?

I shaved it once, and I felt naked. My lip got cold. You'll shave it, your face looks weird, then you just grow it back.

Why wear a mustache?

It just sort of happened. Maybe that's where my power comes from.

Have you ever rocked other styles?

I don't really grow anything through [the chin area], so this is as far as I go. When it's young, a baby, it looks like a 13-year-old's mustache. My beard is white, and I've got two little gray hairs in my mustache.

I'm working on growing it out so I can get the handlebar, but I'm not quite there yet. I had a handlebar one other time. It was, like, a year ago. I tried it out for a wedding I went to.

How do you maintain it?

I usually just trim it above my lips and let the sides grow out. Once it gets in my mouth, I cut it. The worst is when it gets real long, and the hair flosses your teeth for you. I have wax already, but it's for special occasions.

Do you have a name for it?

No. Did anybody else?