Great Lakes Christmas Ale, $11

Great Lakes Christmas Ale , $11

Specialty beer stores

There's no better seasonal beer, period. Great Lakes' perfect blend of honey, fresh ginger and cinnamon is perfect for sipping next to the fire. Better hurry, this stuff goes quick.

Craft beer bucket , $25

Buy it: Hal & Al's

1297 Parsons Ave., South Side


The Parsons Avenue joint specializing in craft beer packages their best brews in sampler buckets. Check out the Saison du BUFF bucket, featuring three different takes on the same beer recipe from three different brewers - Dogfish Head,Stone and Victory.

Champagne and sparkling wine , $15-$27

Buy it: Europia

672 N. High St., Short North


With New Year's right around the corner, champagne is a fitting gift, but you don't want to give the generic Brut. Try a sparkling red, a sweet (but not too sweet) moscato or the chocolate-dipped champagne from Europia.

Oyo vodka, $35

Buy it: Europia

672 N. High St., Short North


Spirits are a holiday staple, and giving out Columbus-made Oyo vodka means you're not only giving "the good stuff" but helping a local business. Cheers.

Mead, $18- $ 45 per bottle

Buy it: Brothers Drake

206 Oak St., Worthington


Local brewers Brothers Drake have a host of impressive flavors to sample. Apple Pie and Vanilla Orange sound perfect for the holidays.