iPad, $500

iPad, $500

Buy it: apple.com

There's a reason why Apple says, "There's an app for that." There are hundreds of thousands of them for the iPad, so the lucky person who gets this gift can be connected and entertained anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Tab , $600

Buy it: bestbuy.com

If you're looking for a gift for someone who thinks Apple is too controlling, the 7-inch-screen Galaxy Tab runs on the more open Android OS.

Nook Color, $250

Buy it: bn.com

Barnes & Noble just raised the bar with their new e-reader. More than 2 million books, complete with color graphics, are available to read on its impressive 7-inch color touch screen.

Clicker, $24

Buy it: myclicker.com

This universal remote control controls up to eight devices and has more than 800 factory presets. Even better, it has a built-in bottle opener.

iBottle Opener

Buy it: thinkgeek.com

There might be an app for most things, but there isn't one that can open a beer. This case protects an iPhone and has a handy bottle opener on the back.