"Mad Men" gift set

"Mad Men" gift set

"Mad Men" Season 3, $28 on Amazon

"Sterling's Gold," $17 on Amazon

Ties, $22 at Tigertree

Relive the '60s with the third (and best) season of "Mad Men" and the wonderful musings of the one and only Roger Sterling in his memoir, "Sterling's Gold." Bring it all together with a retro skinny tie from Tigertree in the Short North.

Beatles "Yellow Submarine" pinball game , $43

Buy it: What the Rock?!

1194 N. High St., Short North

whatthe rock .com


You could give the rock fan in your life the entire Beatles catalog on iTunes - you've probably heard it's now available - but that's lame compared with a tabletop "Yellow Submarine" pinball game complete with lights, sounds and double-flipper action.

"The Fugitive" Season 1, $42

Buy it: Amazon

Take dad back to the days of black-and-white TV with the first season of "The Fugitive," the excellent TV show that came before Harrison Ford chased the one-armed man. Splurge and buy the whole series or just get one season and use the rest as gifts for holidays to come.

"The Walking Dead : Compendium One," $38

Buy it: Amazon

Zombies are the new vampires, and any fan would love the first 12 volumes (48 issues) of the graphic novel that spawned the wildly popular television series.

"This is Spinal Tap" Marshall Amp Edition, $82

Buy it: amazon.co.uk

Really want to impress a "Spinal Tap" fan? Get the box set only available in England. It includes five Blu-ray discs with loads of stuff - soundtrack, outtakes, music videos, cast interviews and a mini amp that goes to 11. Don't worry: Shipping isn't too expensive.