Via Ready Brew, $3

Via Ready Brew , $ 3

Buy it: Starbucks

Really good coffee was just a dream for lightweight backpackers until Starbucks released these handy packets of micro-ground beans. Each sleeve weighs only a few grams, dissolves in water and tastes amazing.

FireSteel 2.0 Scout, $13

Buy it: Everest Gear

1649 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington


Matches get wet, and lighters run out of fuel. Real outdoorsmen use a fire-starter like the ones offered by Sweden's Light My Fire. The Scout model is good for 3,000 strikes.

" Camping & Wilderness Survival , " $35

Buy it: Clintonville Outfitters

2869 N. High St., Clintonville


Most survival books are kind of a joke - like it'd actually be funny to be caught in an avalanche. Paul Tawrell's book takes the subject of survival much more seriously in this useful encyclopedia of outdoor skills.

Pamlico 100, $539

Buy it: Gander Mountain

5388 Westpointe Plaza, Hilliard


This affordable model by Wilderness Systems is the starter kayak of my dreams. Perfect for novice paddlers, it's 10 feet long, offers rear dry storage and cruises gently on flat lakes and streams.