It's OSU-Michigan week, a celebration of how great a little hatred can be in sports.

It's OSU-Michigan week, a celebration of how great a little hatred can be in sports.

In their 10th year on the ice, the Blue Jackets still don't have that clear-cut rival. It's time to pick one. Let's look at some nominees.

Calgary Flames

Pros: A hard-nosed team like the Jackets, the Flames are really physical and really entertaining. There's some bad blood here.

Cons: Calgary is 2,000 miles away, making it tough to support the rivalry on the road.

Verdict: Smoldering dislike between the teams, but this rivalry can't really catch fire.

Nashville Predators

Pros: With an NHL-best home winning streak against the Jackets, they were dubbed "Darth Vader" by former Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock. And that Skywalker-Vader rivalry was pretty good.

Cons: What if we find out that the Predators are really our father?

Verdict: Beating them in Nashville may require the Force, but this one could pick up steam if it gets less lopsided.

Detroit Red Wings

Pros: If you asked Blue Jackets fans who the team's most hated rival is, they would probably say Detroit. It's the Michigan thing.

Cons: If you asked Wings fans who the team's rival is, the Blue Jackets probably wouldn't crack the top five. Plus, they'd just throw more stupid octopi on our ice.

Verdict: A one-sided rivalry isn't much fun.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Pros: If you're a Browns or Bengals fan, you already hate Pittsburgh and its fans. And Sidney Crosby is the most love-him-or-hate-him figure in the NHL.

Cons: Despite their geographical proximity, the Penguins aren't in the same conference as the Jackets. The teams only meet a couple of times a season ... unless they match up in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Verdict: This one isn't in the cards ... yet.

St. Louis

Pros: Probably the best fit. They're in the Central Division. They're emerging after years near the bottom. And things heated up in a recent 8-1 drubbing at Nationwide that got pretty testy in the third period.

Cons: The Blues already had a heated rivalry with the Chicago Blackhawks, though it's cooled over the past decade.

Verdict: This one is poised to take off. The Dec. 9 game in St. Louis could have fireworks.