Bodum Travel Press, $16

Compact mirror, $13

Buy it: 3 Boutique

47 W. Olentangy St., Powell


These little compacts are a fun and practical way to make sure your friend (or lady friend) is always looking flawless.

1970s Groovy Candy Box, $20

Buy it: MJ's Candy & Events

72 N. High St., Dublin


mjscandy .com

This retro candy collection is sweet, man. With a variety of treats such as Dots, Fun Dip and Gobstoppers, anyone will dig it.

Lagerhead Black and Tan Turtle, $11

Buy it: North Market Cookware

59 Spruce St., Arena District

A beer aficionado will love using this turtle to snap off bottle caps and to create the perfect black and tan. A stout will easily layer over a pale ale when it's poured on the turtle's back.

Ohio State martini glass, $20

Buy it: Shyne Gifts

50 S. Liberty St., Ste. 120, Powell


What's more appreciated than a gift that combines drinking and school spirit? How about one that just happens to have the right colors for the holiday?

Para Gear Survival Bracelet, $18

Buy it: The Market at Serendip

30 W. Olentangy St., Powell


Say your outdoorsy friend's hiking companion falls in a deep hole. Your friend can unravel this locally made JT Designs survival bracelet into 10 feet of military-strength parachute cord and save his buddy. Or he can use its material as fishing line, suspension line, shoe laces or even dental floss.