Day Creeper, "Blah"

Day Creeper, "Blah"

Day Creeper already has an official theme song, but the jittery garage-pop joyride "Problem at Hand" might as well be it. They included it on last year's "Alive Amplified" comp. And now it leads off this 7-inch for Chicago's Tic Tac Totally label.

The other three tracks here are just as solid. "Nervous Energy" bridges Dinosaur Jr. and Jay Reatard. "Dragons" echoes the rough-and-tumble early Strokes demos. Day Creeper oldie "Women of Age" is a disgruntled slow dance with a skip in its step.

It's a mere peek into the treasure trove of roughshod jangle Aaron Troyer and company have been quietly compiling - supposedly they've got several unreleased albums in the can - but quite an exciting peek indeed.

Grab the test pressing at Used Kids and Lost Weekend while you can, or just wait for the official release with updated art in the coming months.

Meechie Nelson, " Therapy Session"

It's no surprise Meechie Nelson feels like he needs therapy. Born to a single mother in Columbus, he moved to suburbia young, grew up to be an All-American lacrosse player in high school and saw his brother/best friend/mentor die in a motorcycle accident.

But whatever internal turmoil his backstory suggests, most of "Therapy Session" is about having swag, partying hard and bagging ladies. Nelson narrates these tales with a smooth and easy flow that recalls Slick Rick and Pharrell in more than just subject matter.

He blurs the line between admirable skills ("If you a dog, I'm Vick") and fratboy skeeze ("I can admit it, yeah I got a fetish, man/ If you a lesbian, f--- it then, let's begin").

Nelson does get emotional at times, notably on "By My Side," dedicated to his late brother Deontae, showing that even if he prefers to keep things light and airy, he's just as adept at tackling heavier fare. In the midst of an exciting wave of local hip-hop talent, he holds his own.