You've probably been seeing a lot of an old favorite on your TV recently - yep, former President George W. Bush has been out promoting his memoir.

You've probably been seeing a lot of an old favorite on your TV recently - yep, former President George W. Bush has been out promoting his memoir.

Bush took confession with Matthew Lauer, drove around his Texas ranch with Sean Hannity and sat down with our pal Oprah Winfrey.

On "Oprah," the host had everyone reach under their seats - and they all learned they're being deployed to Iraq. "You're going to Ramadi! And you're going to Ramadi! And you're going to Ramadi!"

I guess the big question is how did two years of contemplation and reflection affect our former president?

"I poisoned Dorothy's goldfish by pouring vodka in the fish bowl," Bush said on "Oprah."

Sir, the question was about inspectors in the Duelfer Report finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I've got to tell you, this guy is like an old pair of slippers. You know what I mean? He's like a gift you didn't particularly want - it wasn't really a good fit and it started a war between your pants and your shirt.

But you had him for eight years, and that's something. In hindsight, he did keep your feet slightly warmer than nah, f--- it, I never liked those slippers.

So what has he actually learned with two years out of office? What are his feelings on the "mission accomplished" banner? He's got to have some fascinating hindsight there.

"No question, it was a mistake," Bush said to Lauer. "If I had to do it over again I'd have said 'good going, men and women, great mission,' or something. I don't know."

This guy had two years to ponder a question he knew was going to be asked and the best he came up with was, "Yeah, good going. Good mission or something."

Memoirs are by their nature self-serving - you create the parameters by which you want history to judge you.

"The key in life for me was to know that I didn't compromise principle," Bush told Hannity.

Yes, refusal to compromise principle was the hallmark of the Bush presidency. You may have disagreed with him, but no matter what he never compromised his principles.

Of course, we'd all agree that sometimes principle takes a backseat to the rule of law, and Bush offered this explanation for the legality of waterboarding: "Because the lawyers said it was legal."

That's what a leader does - when lives are in danger, you ask your lawyers to tell you what are the limits of the law to do what needs to be done.

The same goes for Hurricane Katrina. Actually, remind me again why we didn't send troops into Louisiana to save American lives?

"By law, the president cannot send federal troops in to conduct law enforcement without a declaration of insurrection and/or a request from the governor," Bush told Oprah.

Your lawyers allowed waterboarding, but going in to rescue hurricane victims wasn't possible. I think your lawyers just like seeing people under water. Who's your law firm, Jacoby & Aquaman?