Who:Priscila Teixeira

Who:Priscila Teixeira

What:Owner, Luxboheme

Where:Photographed inside her Downtown showroom, surrounded by favorite clothing items from home

How do people describe your style?

People say, "I love it because you clearly have fun. You don't follow any rules."

And, "We're excited when you come, because we don't know if you're going to be this style or that style," which is something that I love.

How much is the shop an extension of your closet?

It completely is. When I first started Luxboheme as an online store a year and a half ago, there were, like, a thousand products, which ranged from $1 to $3,000. It was eclectic, like me, but people were lost. So I broke it down into three stores, and now they go to the one they like - but I like all three.

What's your shopping philosophy?

If you want to wear it one time and trash - perfect, a $10 top is absolutely perfect for you. But if you get a dress that costs $1,000, and it can go from riding a bike to going to a restaurant to going anywhere [else] for 10 years, it's much more worth it in my book.

What, besides fashion, qualifies as "style" to you?

It's your whole lifestyle. People ask me sometimes, "How do you know what's going to be popular?" - besides getting reports that tell me what's going to happen. But from flowers to curtains to furniture to places people are traveling, all those things. It fascinates me how in five years, something goes from nothing to ending up in every single store.

Priscila's favorite things:

Missoni sweater. "I love everything that is Missoni. I love the colors, the textures, the way they mix patterns. I've had this for about a year."

Fernando Pires shoes. "I remember saving all my money for his shoes as a teenager. I carry many of them in the store now."

Hat from Mad4Mod Vintage . "I love, love, love hats. I love drama hats, and I love vintage hats. This one is more everyday, running to get coffee. I have 20 to 30 hats, probably."