Ohio's art scene just gained another notch of street cred.

Ohio's art scene just gained another notch of street cred.

"There is a community in Ohio that is extremely strong and talking to each other and engaging in the discipline of photography in innovative ways," said Linde Brady, a contemporary art research assistant for the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles.

Brady juried the 11th-annual display of Buckeye state photographers and videographers for ROY G BIV's ImageOHIO exhibit, which opens Monday.

The selected 26 artists "definitely stretched my experience with photography," she said. "So many are moving toward the digital, which is great, and amazing works are being created, but I also wanted to give an opportunity to artists who were experimenting."

The images delve into different depths of style. Viewers will see unique approaches to portraiture, photography on canvas, use of a flatbed scanner, and gritty, modern takes on older methods such as Van Dyke Brown and palladium printing.

"There's a good range of techniques that show how photography is not a limited medium," Brady said.

She particularly noted the work of Lori Kella, who snagged the title of Best in Show in Photography for her fictional landscapes that "engage with a lot of different scenes. There are uncanny elements with natural environments, and then histories of museum displays within that, and even some of her personal history embedded within these."

Video installations by two artists also will be on view. One is a poetic take on a drive to work, and the other is more abstract, playing with sound and video stimulation.

"I'm from Ohio," said Brady, who was born and raised in Cincinnati. "I know that may be a strange limitation to some people. It's important to create unity, and this exhibit does that."