"The Social Network"

"The Social Network"

Jan. 11

$13 (DVD), $17 (Blu-ray)


Why were critics and audiences so impressed by this film about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? For starters, because it's a riveting drama that's about a website and some litigation. Computer code and legal proceedings aren't usually interesting. Beyond that, director David Fincher, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg (Zuckerberg) crafted a masterful story about history's youngest billionaire and an invention that affects us all.


Jan. 11

$18 (DVD), $24 (Blu-ray)


Clearly toughened by babysitting adventures, Elisabeth Shue stars as Sheriff Julie Forester, who must save a gaggle of suntanned co-eds from evil fish that emerge after an underwater earthquake. Still can't get a handle on the premise? The film's been described as a combination of "Girls Gone Wild" and "Jaws."


Jan. 18

$17 (DVD), $20 (Blu-ray)


Ever had a nightmare about being trapped in a coffin? Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), a U.S. contractor working in Iraq, must escape this cruel fate using only a lighter and a cell phone in a gripping drama sure to creep out anyone afraid of small spaces.


Jan. 18

$17 (DVD), $24 (Blu-ray)


John (Paul Walker), Jesse (Chris Brown) and a gang of other handsome thieves attempt an enormous score. Will their greed get them busted by a zealous cop (Matt Dillon)? Either way, expect explosions!