Whether you want to stay warm or look hot, here are a couple of gadgets to get you through a cold winter.

Whether you want to stay warm or look hot, here are a couple of gadgets to get you through a cold winter.

The Columbia Sportswear Company makes a pair of boots guaranteed to keep your tootsies warm. Bugathermo b oots for men and women ($325 at columbia.com; six Columbus stores sell Columbia gear) feature built-in heating systems for protection against freezing temps.

Bugathermo shoes have rechargeable batteries and electronics that let you choose one of three heat settings. The batteries last eight hours at the lowest heat setting or three hours at the highest setting.

The waterproof boots are ideal for trekking the Arctic or just keeping your feet toasty during Columbus winters.

While Bugathermos probably won't make you look hotter, the Flex Mini ($200 at flexmini.com) might. Customers are guaranteed that they'll see a sexy, shapely rear end in four to eight weeks or they can get their money back.

No need for squats, lunges, stiff leg dead lifts or ham string curls to whip a round rear into an attention-grabbing, shapely backside. Supposedly the Flex Mini - a waistband and two leg wraps - automatically flexes muscles to tone, tighten and lift the derriere, but I haven't tested those claims.

While both gadgets are on the expensive side, how can you put a price on warm feet and a great-looking butt?

What happened in Vegas

For the next few issues, this column will be featuring some of the best new gadgets from January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

One of the more eye-catching new products was Acer 's Iconia laptop computer , which has a Windows 7 operating system. Expected to go on sale in the next few months, the gadget is a standout because of its two touch screens.

This 6.2-pound notebook with a pair of 14-inch LCD screens has no keys or trackpad. A five-finger touch on the bottom screen brings up the "Acer Ring," providing access to a virtual keyboard, gesture editor and other controls. The computer will feature lots of ports and lots of memory.

No price has been announced, but expect to pay somewhere around $2,000 for this laptop.

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