Skin contends with some serious foes during the winter.

Skin contends with some serious foes during the winter.

"The cold and wind are zapping moisture from your face," said Aveda Institute esthiology instructor April Billue. "Your skin is working extra hard to moisturize."

Also making your epidermis dull are dreaded UV rays bouncing off bright snow and the tendency to not maintain a skin care regimen when it's freezing outside.

"It's hard to get out of a warm bed to wash your face," said Kara Clancy, also an esthiology instructor at Aveda. "We get it."

Billue recommends getting a facial every four weeks. They are especially helpful for dry skin because the exfoliating treatments slough off dead cells and get deep under the top layer to help cell turnover. Facials also enhance moisturizing oils and serums' longevity.

Here are four facials that promise to make your mug flake-free.

Aveda Institute

Elemental Nature Facial, $45

This 90-minute facial is customized for each client depending on their answers to a survey about his or her skin and personality. The responses place them in an "element" they best relate to - fire, water or air - which determines the scents and techniques used during the facial. In addition to facial exfoliation and application of toners and a masque, clients receive a foot bath and back and neck massage.

Studio Fovero

Fovero Signature Facial, $85

This German Village spa's popular facial uses a double-cleanse product and hydrating masque to accompany an exfoliation procedure and the de-clogging of pores. For those in a hurry, Studio Fovero has a $20 flash-exfoliating facial that only takes 15 minutes.

Tranquility Day Spa

Hydr02 Facial, $90

What makes this facial unique is the finishing touch of a mist of oxygen infused with vitamins A, C and E, which are all antioxidants. The more oxygen skin cells are given, the healthier they will look for longer.

Charles Penzone Grand Salon

Penzone Custom Facial, $81

This individually customized facial seals in moisture through cleansing, steaming, exfoliating and a masque. The Penzone salons also offer a hydrotherapy body polish that is designed for customers concerned about dry skin spots not located on the face.