Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, we've got all the foods to soothe away the winter blues.

In despair over newly falling snow, Longfellow wrote, "The troubled sky reveals/ the grief it feels." If that sounds a tad dramatic, then show of hands: Who's really loving this weather? Exactly. It's like a war out there.

Fortunately we have an arsenal of hearty and soothing foods to arm ourselves with to fight off those chilly blues. For me, most of these include gravy.

So, yeah, I'm going to be needing gravy. I'm talking steaming, heaving, spilling-over vats of blanketing, comforting, winter-weight-creating gravy. I mean if I sneeze, I want to be leaking gravy.

OK, that's gross. But so is this cold-to-the-bone weather, and coping with it -battling it -is an all-day struggle. Here then, frozen warriors, are some culinary cold war weapons.

Among these you'll find placating breakfasts that can brighten sun-starved mornings plus some heavily fortifying salt-of-the-earth-type lunchtime favorites. I've also tossed in a few semi-fancified dinnertime classics that can both comfort and intrigue (you gotta feed and comfort the mind, too).

Finish off your "things are getting better" day with a couple of sturdy (but good and gooey) desserts and you might catch a flickering glimpse of the May day light at the end of winter's long, cruel and cold tunnel.

Onward, comfort soldiers!