40. Harriet Taylor Upton

40. Harriet Taylor Upton


Born: Ravenna, 1853

Upton was an early champion for women's rights, serving as president of the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association from 1899 to 1908 and from 1911 to 1920. She was a prolific author and the first female executive on the Republican National Committee.

39. P. J. O'Rourke


Born: Toledo, 1947

His biting tongue and clever wit have landed him more citations in "The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Humorous Quotations" than any other living writer. He's got enemies on every side - one way you know he's saying something worthwhile.

38. R.L. Stine


Born: Columbus, 1943

He's basically the kiddie version of Stephen King. Stine has published more than 100 children's horror novels, including the famous "Goosebumps" series.

37. Clark Gable


Born: Cadiz, 1901

As a dashing leading man during Hollywood's Golden Age, Gable was most famous for his roles in "Gone with the Wind," "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "It Happened One Night."

36. Pete Rose

Baseball player

Born: Cincinnati, 1941

Before his unrighteous lifetime ban from professional baseball, Rose was the lynchpin of Cincinnati's Big Red Machine. The man known as "Charlie Hustle" was a 17-time all-star who accumulated 4,256 hits and a .303 career batting average.

35. Erma Bombeck


Born: Dayton, 1927

For roughly 30 years, her widely syndicated newspaper columns spoke about the humorous side of suburban home life. Bombeck was a legend long before she published the first of her many best-selling books.

34. William Tecumseh Sherman

Army general

Born: Lancaster, 1820

People hated Sherman's brutal philosophy of total war - destroying everything that could be used by his enemies - but the Civil War might've ended very differently without him. His 1864 siege of Atlanta helped secure the re-election of Abraham Lincoln, and his determined march through the South forced the Confederate army to surrender. Today his memoirs provide a key source for understanding and analyzing the War Between the States.

33. Jerry Lucas

Basketball player

Born: Middletown, 1940

A forward with decent size and incredible discipline, Lucas excelled as a shooter and rebounder, two reasons why he was selected by the NBA as one its 50 greatest players in history.

32. Bill Willis

Football player

Born: Columbus, 1921

Small, quick and determined, Willis was a standout player at Ohio State and with the Cleveland Browns. He was a champion at every level and has been inducted into both the college and NFL halls of fame.

31. Sherwood Anderson


Born: Camden, 1876

A rocky life, numerous career changes and a Buckeye upbringing eventually gave birth to "Winesburg, Ohio," Anderson's 1919 masterpiece. It changed the American short story forever.