80. Martin Sheen

80. Martin Sheen


Born: Dayton, 1940

Sheen has starred in some of the most beloved TV shows and movies, including "The West Wing," "Apocalypse Now" and "Badlands." His fictional President Josiah Bartlet was more interesting than six of Ohio's actual presidents.

79. Luke Perry


Born: Mansfield, 1965

Where would "Beverly Hills, 90210" be without brooding millionaire's son Dylan McKay? Through Perry, the Buckeye State staked a claim in the most popular teen drama of the '90s. His continued reluctance to take himself too seriously moved him up several spots on our list.

78. Beverly D'Angelo


Born: Columbus, 1951

D'Angelo has been a successful actress whose career in Hollywood spans three decades. She's most often recognized for playing the straight woman to Chevy Chase's Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon's vacation movies.

77. George Washington Crile


Born: Chili, 1864

Recognized as the first surgeon to successfully complete a blood transfusion, Crile also made significant advancements in the study of blood pressure and anesthesia.

76. Nancy Cartwright

Voice actor

Born: Kettering, 1957

Bart Simpson was named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of the century. That makes the woman behind his rascally catch phrases and devil-may-care retorts pretty important.

75. Blue Jacket

Shawnee chief

Born: Ross County, circa 1743

Known for his proud defense of Shawnee lands, this American Indian leader was more effective against European armies than either Ottawa chief Pontiac (his predecessor) or Tecumseh (his successor).

74. Mike Schmidt

Baseball player

Born: Dayton, 1949

Few would argue with this slugger's selection as the starting third baseman on the MLB's All-Century Team. He ended his extensive career with 548 homers, 1,595 RBIs and a host of awards.

73. Les Wexner


Born: Dayton, 1937

The founder of Limited Brands has done some fine things for women's fashion. But his real merit lies in his generous donations to worthy causes, such as a certain Ohio State arts center.

72. Doris Day

Actress and singer

Born: Cincinnati, 1922

With a squeaky-clean public image and girl-next-door charm, this box-office and Billboard star charmed everyone from Ohio to Hollywood.

71. Kim Deal


Born: Dayton, 1961

One of Ohio's most talented female musicians, Deal was a member of groundbreaking indie-rock band The Pixies. She found additional success alongside twin sister Kelley in The Breeders.