"I'm Ohio's biggest Saints fan. I don't care that they lost this year. We're Super Bowl champs until February 6. Eat it."

Name: Jenn Reed

Neighborhood: Grandview

Hometown: New Orleans

Years behind the bar: 14

How did you start bartending?

I graduated from the University of New Orleans, and I was teaching high school earth science. I went down to the French Quarter to make money in the summer, and I never left because I would make more in one night than I would make all week.

I was also a flight attendant for a few years when I was in college.

What's the craziest thing you've seen bartending in New Orleans?

People always ask me that, and it's like this little film reel runs through my head of all these crazy things.

You name it, it happens down there. What's the Chili Peppers line? "Lunatics on pogo-sticks, Southern-fried freak on a crucifix." It's surreal.

Any good stories from being a flight attendant?

You know, an engine will go out. It's no big deal because there's another one. Or you get struck by lightning, which is really scary the first time it happened - you could see the electricity, the lights go out - and I screamed, "We're going to die!" Then the old flight attendant was like, "That's nothing, honey."

But I got to meet some cool people and go on some cool trips. I had Richard Simmons working the food and beverage cart with me. He was a hoot.

Met any other celebrities?

Daryl Hannah, Nicolas Cage.

Is Nicolas Cage as weird as he seems?

Yeah, he's a little standoffish. Daryl Hannah was very sweet. It's funny because my friend was embarrassed because Daryl Hannah told her she had food on her face.

Where do you like to get a drink?

It's actually here at Johnnie's. Sometimes I'll venture out to the Short North, but predominantly I end up in here. You can't beat it.

It's just so unique, and everybody is so cool and original - they're just themselves.

It's almost a tourist attraction because it's such a unique place, in the middle of a neighborhood. You feel like you're in somebody's house drinking - there's nothing pretentious about it. It's the last of a dying breed.

Plus, I like to harass my customers the way they harass me [laughs].

What do you drink?

I drink vodka on the rocks. Bushmills is my new thing. Neat Bushmills will slow me down.

You're a big Saints fan, huh?

I'm diehard - I'm Ohio's biggest Saints fan. I don't care that they lost this year. We're Super Bowl champs until February 6. Eat it.

Have you become a Buckeye fan?

No, I have not. But I'm not an LSU fan. I can't stand LSU. Their fans are so obnoxious in the French Quarter - you hate to see them coming.

I got to interact with all the fans in the Quarter, so that's how I judge teams, by their fans. I hate the Cowboys and Green Bay because I don't like their fans, but love Tampa Bay and their fans.