Brewery: Magic Hat Brewing Company

Brewery: Magic Hat Brewing Company

Beer: Demo

Type: Black IPA

ABV: 6 percent

Grade: 2 stars out of 4

About the brewery :

Known for its colorful ad campaigns and ale-crazed carnival imagery, Magic Hat first arrived in Columbus with the mysterious #9. The ale turned heads with its twisted bronze tap and fruity yet inviting taste. Since then, the business based in South Burlington, Vermont, has released random-as-hell sampler packs and some quality seasonal selections.

About the beer :

Demo is part of Magic Hat's rotating cast of IPAs, a series that tosses in some unfamiliar styles. Probably none is stranger than Demo, a black IPA. This relatively new brew type combines the smoky, roasted malts common in stouts with the IPA's bright, grassy hops trademark. Demo's available in the Spring Fever variety bunch and in limited six-packs.

Why to drink it :

Black IPAs are popping up from coast to coast as microbreweries continue to hone their own take on England's maritime staple. Demo's an easy introduction to the trend - hoppy smells, dark and opaque coloring, coffee-tinged tastes and dry finish. Just don't grab it if you're looking for a familiar IPA.

Wh at to drink it with :

Because it combines smoky flavors with hoppiness, Demo likely would work well alongside a Cajun dish or anything blackened. If you're in the mood for dessert, Magic Hat offers a recipe for Demo Chocolate Creme Brulee.