If you have a heavy foot, there are several gadgets that could help you avoid speeding tickets.

If you have a heavy foot, there are several gadgets that could help you avoid speeding tickets.

Escort Inc., based outside of Cincinnati, has been making radar detectors for decades. Recently it became the first company to combine a radar detector with a GPS navigation unit.

Escort's Passport IQ ($650 on amazon.com) looks like any GPS navigation unit. It features maps, turn-by-turn directions and points of interest on a five-inch screen. This gadget also has state-of-the-art radar and laser detection that sounds an alarm when a police officer is trolling for speeders. Plus, a database of red-light and fixed-position speed cameras as well as speed traps warns you of their presence while you drive.

If you want less costly protection against speed traps, the Cobra XRS 9960G (currently on sale for $177.50 at amazon.com) provides peace of mind without the bells and whistles of a full-blown GPS. It detects 15 radar and laser bands, and it has both GPS and AURA databases (updated every 12 hours) that warn you about upcoming red-light and speed cameras, speed traps and dangerous intersections.

IPhone owners can download a free app - Trapster Speed Trap Alerts - that uses the phone's GPS functionality to alert you when you're driving through speed traps or are about to pass a speed-enforcement or red-light camera. This app also connects you to a social network of 8 million drivers who alert one another about police checkpoints, accidents and other traffic hazards.

What happened in Vegas

The MacBook Air will have competition from another thin laptop when the S amsung 9 Series laptops (pricing starts at $1,600) hit stores soon.

This computer, which debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show last month in Las Vegas, is .64 inches at its thickest point and weighs less than three pounds. The brightness of its 13.3-inch screen automatically adjusts to its surroundings. The laptop will operate on Windows 7 and have a 256 GB solid state drive. Samsung claims the computer's startup time is only 12 seconds.