What's Old Tom gin?

What's Old Tom gin?

Before London dry gin came into vogue, most drinkers liked a bit of sugar to make their medicine go down. A sweeter style called old tom gin reigned until the turn of the 19th century, partly because it masked impurities left behind by early distillation methods.

It's said that the name came from an early type of vending machine. On an exterior wall, pubs would hang a plaque picturing a black cat, known colloquially as an old tom. Those in need of a drink would put a coin in the cat's mouth and wait for the bartender to slide a shot down a tube between its paws.

What's sloe gin?

Sloe gin is an English recipe using sloe berries steeped in gin, water and a small amount of sugar. Aged for months, it creates a bittersweet red liqueur used in well-known drinks like the Sloe Gin Fizz, the Alabama Slammer and the Wibble.

What's pink gin?

Pink gin is the name of a classic cocktail made with gin plus bitters. But Rogue Spirits also makes Pink Spruce Gin, a variation on their traditional Spruce Gin that's aged in Oregon pinot noir barrels to give it a smooth and slightly fruity flavor.