"One looks like what a guy from 'Mad Men' would use, and one looks like what the robot from 'Futurama' would use."

"One looks like what a guy from 'Mad Men' would use, and one looks like what the robot from 'Futurama' would use."

This is how my boyfriend, Chuck, described the two razors I asked him to try out. The Schick Quattro Titanium would be in Don Draper's medicine cabinet. The vibrating Gillette Fusion Power would be in Bender's whatever robots use to store their toiletries.

Chuck decided to use the robot razor last so the excitement would build. The product he was pumped to use involves five vibrating, devastatingly sharp blades. Gillette: one point.

The Schick is sleek, with an aloe strip and four titanium-coated blades, which create a close and comfortable shave. Chalk up one for Schick.

The fact that the Schick is cheaper than its competition and comes with two replacement cartridges - the Gillette only provides the one on the handle - also scores it a point.

I'm glad the Schick got on the board, because what happened next was total domination.

The vibrations of the Gillette razor tugged more on his skin, but it was a good thing, grabbing more hair and making a much closer cut. There was "more bite to the blade," Chuck said, "but it would take me a lot less time to shave."

This razor poses a greater risk of cuts, a potential foul that didn't matter to my test subject (so brave!). However, the width of the razor made it difficult to maneuver around the upper lip.

After a cheek-to-cheek comparison, I caught him going over the Schick side with the Gillette, further proving who won this battle of the blades.

Gillette Fusion Power , $ 13

Pros: Comes with a battery and provides a closer shave in half the time.

Cons: More expensive. Wide blade makes moustache trimming less precise.

Schick Quattro Titanium , $ 10

Pros: Comes with two replacement cartridges and provides a good old-fashioned shaving experience.

Cons: Four blades and no vibrations requires more strokes to create as close of a shave and leaves no chance to imagine you are a robot.