Name: Nichole Mabry

Name: Nichole Mabry

Hometown: Lima

Neighborhood: Westerville

Age: 30

Why is Mugsy's your spot?

It's just a fun place. Everybody that I've met here is extremely nice, and the bartenders are great. They make sure every time I come in it's a good time. There's never a dull moment.

What do you look for in a good bartender?

I'm kind of high-maintenance [laughs]. I drink Bud Light with lime juice in it. I don't like Bud Light Lime, but I like it this way.

I'm big on personality. I want someone who is personable with you and will act crazy or silly for a good time.

Where else do you like to go?

The other places I like are close to where I live. O'Shecky's Live is a place that has great live music. I'm a big music lover.

And then I have my little runaway bar - a bar that not a lot of my friends would go to. It's Groucho's by the Palace bowling alley.

When I go in I'm one of the youngest customers. It's a little hidden gem where you can just hang out, have a few beers and have a nice relaxing time.

What music do you like to listen to when you're out having a drink?

It depends on the day, really. I'm a big lover of rock, old-school hip-hop like Tupac or Biggie, and country music.

Locally, I think Noise Auction is a great band and I like Blu Kuda. They're a cover band, but that gets you out on the dance floor. And sometimes I go to Skully's just to check out some bands I've never seen before.

If you could have a drink with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

Dave Chappelle because he's funny! I met him once randomly at a gas station in the middle of nowhere near Johnstown. He sat in my car and gave me his autograph, and he was just cool as hell.

What I wouldn't give to have a drink with him one night and hear some stories. He'd probably crack me up throughout the entire evening.