Usually gadgets look cool. The iPad or iPhone are perfect examples.

Usually gadgets look cool. The iPad or iPhone are perfect examples.

But sometimes they just look really, really stupid. Take these three, all of which are worn on your head.

The Head Spa Medi-Point Massager ($50 at or ) is said to feel like thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp.

The gadget features an Italian design and Japanese-style acupressure that can supposedly help people who suffer from migraines or regular headaches. It offers a 15-point massage to stimulate blood flow in your noggin and help relieve pain and stress.

GadgetUniverse's description for this gadget says you can "use it at your desk at work" or "on your morning commute in traffic." I dare you to do that.

A less extreme design to relieve that headache of yours is the one-size-fits-all Headache Relieving Wrap ($50 at This oversized headband was developed by a neurologist. Its manufacturer cites a study published by the Archives of Family Medicine that claims this gadget "alleviated migraine and tension headaches in 87 percent of patients."

You simply secure this product around the crown of your head and the constant pressure compresses blood vessels to relieve your pain. Reusable gel packs can be inserted in the wrap - microwave the pack if you want to relax tense muscles, or refrigerate it to ease tension headaches.

If thinning hair is a problem, slip your cranium into the iRestore Hair Laser ($500 at This treatment is pain-free and noninvasive, and this technology has been around since the late '80s.

You can wear the iRestore while lounging around your house. Fifty-four lasers and red luminous optical lights stimulate the cells in your hair follicles. Three 30-minute treatments a week will supposedly leave you with fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

Use any of these three gadgets in your home, and that smile on your dog's face may have nothing to do with that treat you gave him.