Shabby Chic: Peacock Lane Home

Shabby Chic: Peacock Lane Home

This new multi-room Worthington store, in the former location of florist shop Connells Maple Lee, sells an eclectic mix of products.

Diptychs of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley hang in one room. Atenti handbags sit in another. Yet another room features paintings of farm animals. Work from local artists abounds.

Finding a way to let people passing by know what's available with one glimpse at the window displays has been a fun challenge, said co-owner Kimberly Baker.

To help generate display ideas, she and business partner Meg Hardison have instituted a unique approach to creating the store's displays.

The shop creates "inspiration boards," and local art vendors make pieces - a pillow, a painting, a chair covering - for the window based on the boards' different themes.

"Everyone's work in here is so inspiring," Baker said, "and we have such a variety; it's nice to show it all."

This month, drop by for "shabby chic displays that really use the colors of icy blues and silvers," Baker said. Americana and Route 66 imagery will inspire July's window art. And August will mix vintage and modern decor with hot tangerine, fuchsia and pink color blocking.

Try it at home : Use new color combinations.

"This color is really hot: a bright, limey green, kind of sherbet-y," Baker said. "We originally set up this window by pairing the green with black, but it really pops with ivory. So we made black a minimal accent color."

She also recommended tangerine or a robin's egg blue to go with the effervescent green. Bright colors can complement each other; just keep things balanced with neutral accents.

Try it at home : Take art outside the frame.

Why hang a framed photo when you could create an inexpensive 3-D piece of art? Hook postcards to string with clothespins and hang the line, or craft Origami butterflies and use poster putty to arrange them on a wall. Try framing things you wouldn't expect to be framed. On the side of the current window display, for example, Hardison and Baker hung an opulent black frame around a white candle sconce attached to the wall.