When it comes to objects worth fawning over, Collier West is stacked.

When it comes to objects worth fawning over, Collier West is stacked.

Eating off one of the store's $200 Piero Fornasetti plates could leave anyone feeling like the elegant Frenchwoman who reoccurs in the designs, emboldening diners to make conversation about Man Ray's lighting technique and the classical beauty of Greek sculpture. Who wouldn't want that?

But even with a sweeping inventory of desirable contemporary home decor products, customers consistently crave the shop's accessories, said Collier West store director Scott Hanratty.

"People tell us it's the best place around for jewelry," he said. "Many customers come in regularly because we only get in one of every design."

The jewelry is pricey but makes a serious statement.

New to Collier West shoppers is the line by Shannon Koszyk, who crafts necklaces and bracelets out of silver, 14-karat gold, antique brass and bone to mimic the beading and design of prayer rosaries. Religious icon pendants abound in her work. Necklaces are about $400 and bracelets around $200.

Feminists in the house for Pride will enjoy designer Heather Moore's necklace with a pendant paraphrasing the famous Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote, "Well-behaved women seldom make history," and couples getting hitched should check out Moore's customized wedding bands.

Support the local line Pont Neuf, created by Collier West owner Suzi West, who crafts gorgeous asymmetrical necklaces from vintage jewelry. Fans of dark whimsy should ask about Velvet Antler Jewelry designer Maggie Smith's chunky charm bracelets.

Don't forget the fingers - $48 rings collected during world travels would be enough to make you book a backpacking trip overseas (also desirable).