The Spikedrivers

12 p.m. Sunday, Gazebo

The Spikedrivers get strings picking, blood pumping, hands clapping, accents twanging and hips moving. Their brand of home-cooked, crap-kicker country rock can endear the most discerning city slicker. Take heed: The mile-a-minute fiddle will melt your face off so fast that you'll swear the devil went down to ComFest. -Jackie Mantey

Way Yes

6:25 p.m. Sunday, Off-Ramp Stage

I've written about Way Yes' potent blend of world music, indie pop and sample-heavy electronica so many times that I am having trouble finding new things to say about the talented Columbus combo. But it's a testament to their pop instincts that after listening to sophomore EP "Walkability" five times straight looking for inspiration, I'm still not sick of it. -Chris DeVille

Audrey & Orwell

7 p.m. Sunday, Solar Stage

At some point, sighing folk bands like Audrey & Orwell usually get ambitious and start adding drums and orchestras and "going electric" and whatnot. (Judas!) And there's a time and a place for that. But for now Jason Dutton and his crew are keeping things simple and beautiful: one guitar, one viola, one cello and two evocative voices. Let's enjoy the gorgeous simplicity while it lasts; there's no better way to put ComFest to bed. -Chris DeVille

The Wet Darlings

7:15 p.m. Sunday, Off-Ramp Stage

Jenny Lute - the pixie with a mighty vocal prowess - rightfully gets a lot of attention, but her band is one the tightest groups of musicians around. The Wet Darlings' raucous live show involves nonstop, in-your-face power pop with chugging guitar riffs, and it's sure to incite the ComFest crowd into a cheerful riot. -Jesse Tigges