G.A. Benton picks some chilled favorites from Columbus restaurants that will help you survive these hot, humid and hazy days of summer.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" is something I first heard, I'm pretty sure, on "Star Trek" (the source of most of my "wisdom"). I was thinking this as I muttered "Yeah, revenge and everything else," last week on one of those extra-strength-roll-on days.

Yep, that oppressive summertime weather has come crashing down like a sweat-streaked anvil. Unfortunately for us live-to-eat types, the punishing heat and debilitating humidity tend to smash appetites like an anvil, too. In fact, during especially sweltering afternoons and sultry evenings, I can't bear to consume anything heavy, greasy or even the least bit warm to the touch.

No, those are the times when only light, lively and refrigerator-cool foods will do. But they need to be interesting too, because commonplace grub saps the life out of me as much as hellish weather patterns do.

Here's a few of my crazy great and reinvigorating chilled favorites that, believe me, will help you - just like a cool breeze - live long and prosper while surviving these hot, humid and hazy days of summer.