May 26, 1993: Martin Jones and Mike Curry open Groove Shack, a vinyl-heavy hip-hop record store, in the Short North. The shop becomes Columbus hip-hop's first central hub and a honing ground for groups like MHz and 3rd Eye.

May 26, 1993: Martin Jones and Mike Curry open Groove Shack, a vinyl-heavy hip-hop record store, in the Short North. The shop becomes Columbus hip-hop's first central hub and a honing ground for groups like MHz and 3rd Eye.

J. Rawls: "I don't think we really got into a culture until that Groove Shack era came up."

1995: DJ BHB hosts his first Hip-Hop Expo at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, bringing most of the city's deejays, emcees, break dancers and graffiti artists under one roof.

J Rawls: "Being inside the convention center is a tough feat itself. That let all the people with money and the high society folk know, oh, there's something called hip-hop, and it's viable."

1997: Adrian Willis, a.k.a. DJ Tru Skills, opens a hip-hop subsection of Roots Records called Thieves World, which serves as the new rallying point for Columbus hip-hop and helps the likes of MHz, Blueprint's group Greenhouse Effect and 3rd Eye, an early version of Rashad's group The 3rd featuring Illogic.

1998: Talib Kweli and Mos Def's group Black Star releases an acclaimed self-titled album featuring two songs produced by Columbus native J. Rawls.

1998: MHz, the group featuring Copywrite, Camu Tao and RJD2 (and later Tage Proto and Jakki da Motamouth), release the "World Premier" 12-inch on Bobbito Garcia's influential Fondle 'Em Records.

Blueprint: "That was the first time I saw somebody where the entire crowd knew the words to their song [Camu Tao] just dropped the mic and the entire crowd sang every word to 'World Premier.'"

1999: After signing with Kaper Records only to see it fold, 3rd Eye's Rashad signs with Mase's All Out Records, only to see Mase quit music to pursue ministry - again, before Rashad's album came out.

1999: Greenhouse Effect's "Up to Speed" EP becomes the first release featuring Blueprint and the first to be released by 'Print's fledgling Weightless Recording.

1999: DJ Self hosts the first Bernie's hip-hop Sunday night, which he soon passes off to DJ PRZM. By the next year, PRZM has teamed with DJ Lozone and DJ Pos 2 to form the Fonosluts; Daymon Dodson a.k.a. So What a.k.a. Racist Joe came on as host. Over the course of its six-year run, the crew's wild weekly party becomes arguably the most influential event in Columbus hip-hop history.

2000: DJ PRZM releases his influential compilation album "The Letter People." Less than 100 copies are originally pressed, but they are distributed to some of the most recognizable names in Columbus hip-hop.

Blueprint: "If TNV is like the pioneers of lo-fi s--t on the rock side, then PRZM is on the hip-hop side. What he did in terms of recording techniques and lo-fi grimy s--t was just as influential to us as Times New Viking was on the rock side."

Feb. 16, 2001: Groove Attack releases J. Rawls' solo debut "The Essence of J. Rawls" featuring guest appearances from J-Live and DJ Nasty Nate.

July 23, 2002: RJD2's "Deadringer," featuring hip-hop instrumentals plus guest verses from Blueprint, Copywrite and Jakki da Motamouth, is released on Definitive Jux - at the time, the most influential label in underground rap. Reviewers call RJD2 the heir to instrumental hip-hop icon DJ Shadow.

Aug. 27, 2002: Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers, another leading name in underground rap, releases "Unlimited," the debut EP from Blueprint and RJD2's duo Soul Position.

Sept. 17, 2002: Copywrite's debut solo album "The High Exhaulted" is released on Eastern Conference - the third significant indie rap label to sponsor a Columbus release in summer 2002. Copywrite is soon courted by majors including Jay-Z and Dame Dash's Roc-A-Fella Records.

April 22, 2003: Rashad's single "Sweet Misery" is released in advance of his album "Elevator Music," set for release on Universal/Motown in the fall. The single gets radio play, but again Rashad's record deal falls through before his album comes out.

June 3, 2003: S.A. Smash, the duo of Camu Tao and Metro, releases "Smashy Trashy" on Definitive Jux.

April 13, 2004: Weightless releases Illogic's acclaimed third album, "Celestial Clockwork," a Blueprint-produced landmark featuring guest spots from underground rap luminaries Aesop Rock, Slug (Atmosphere) and Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox).

2005: Blueprint releases his solo debut "1988" on Rhymesayers.

Oct. 14, 2005: Envelope releases "Insignificant Anthems" with a show at Skully's featuring El Jesus de Magico, one of the punk and metal bands that intermingled with Columbus hip-hop through the Bernie's connection.

Feb. 17, 2006: J. Rawls' "jazz-hop" group The Liquid Crystal Project releases its debut album. The group goes on to spearhead a wing of jazzy, funky live hip-hop bands in Columbus.

Aug. 16, 2006: Daymon Dodson dies of complications following a seizure. Dodson was a boundary-crossing force in Columbus music. A regular at Bernie's for Sunday hip-hop nights, he helped blur the lines between subsets of the Columbus indie music community. More than 1,000 people attend his funeral.

Blueprint: "Daymon was a guy who could bring people together, many kinds of people, from any genre of music. He was respected as a tastemaker in every scene Because of that, because of his popularity, he was able to bring a scene together that had never been brung together."

Nov. 4, 2006: Zero Star releases "Forever's Never Really That Long" on Weightless.

Nov. 21, 2006: Spitball, the crew featuring DJs PRZM, Pos 2 and Bombay plus rappers Bru Lei and Eclypse, releases its album "Welcome to Spitsville" on Silent Records.

November 2006: So What Wednesdays, a weekly event featuring Detox as resident DJ and Blueprint as host, launches at Cafe Bourbon Street. The event is named for Daymon Dodson.

June 10, 2007: Columbus loses another treasured member of the Fonosluts crew when DJ PRZM dies a year after moving to California to seek a heart transplant. His influence on Columbus hip-hop was immeasurable, from his lo-fi production techniques to his tendency to unite feuding rappers by featuring them on the same track.

June 2007: Milk Bar co-owner Kareem Jackson hosts the first installment of Get Right, a monthly multi-genre dance party that soon evolves into the city's most popular hip-hop dance party, featuring DJs Detox and Johnny Cashola.

July 27, 2007: Fly.Union hosts a listening party for their compilation "Kill Fly.U" at Drexel Gateway movie theater. Fly.Union goes on to become leaders of a new wave of young Columbus rappers.

May 25, 2008: Camu Tao dies after a two-year battle with lung cancer.

July 8, 2008: Envelope releases "Shark Bolt," eventually landing the single "Daydream Nation" in regular rotation on local alternative rock station CD101.

Oct. 22, 2008: Fly.Union launches the biweekly party Whudup Wednesday at Icon.

Nov. 24, 2009: Supanatra and Searius Add throw a well-attended concert at Skully's to release their joint album "Black Tuesday." The event spawns a series of Black Tuesday spoken word events at Kobo and Icon.

Dec. 15, 2009: Rashad's rap group The 3rd releases their "Nineteen Seventy Nine" LP.

Jan. 10, 2010: Teenage phenom P. Blackk self-releases his debut album "Chicken N' Waffles" with endorsements and guest verses from LxE for the Uncool and Fly.Union.

Aug. 17, 2010: Fat Possum and Definitive Jux team to release Camu Tao's genre-busting LP "King of Hearts" more than two years after the legendary emcee's death.

August 31, 2010: LxE for the Uncool self-releases his Rashad-produced album "The Measure."

Nov. 26, 2010: Fabrashay A, a rapper under the Milk N Syrup banner with LxE and P. Blackk, releases his mixtape "The Art Show."

Dec. 7, 2010: Copywrite's second full-length album, "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson," is released.

Feb. 8, 2011: Massillon-born New York rapper Stalley, endorsed by the likes of Dame Dash and Mos Def, unveils "Lincoln Way Nights: Intelligent Trunk Music," featuring production exclusively by Rashad. The album earns Stalley more buzz than ever and lands him a deal with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group.

April 5, 2011: Six years after his solo debut, Blueprint returns to Rhymesayers for sophomore LP "Adventures in Counter-Culture," a bold break from the old-school approach he championed.

April 26, 2011: Fly.Union self-releases their first proper album "The Greater Than Club," garnering more than 30,000 downloads.

May 17, 2011: J. Rawls releases his first solo album in 10 years, "The Hip-Hop Affect."