About the brewery

About the brewery

To the joy of Michigan residents, North Peak's brewpub opened in 1997. To the joy of drinkers across the Midwest, an expanded operation began shipping bottled wares in 2009. The brewery's round, brown bottles have been hitting a growing number of Central Ohio stores ever since.

About the beer

Wheat's most beloved contribution to local carry-out shelves is in those hazy, bright hefeweizens and witbiers everyone adores in summer. These are slightly sweet, unfiltered creations with low bitterness and a warm, substantial feel on the tongue.

In Vicious, labeled an American Wheat IPA, malted wheat is thrown into the recipe of an India pale ale, which traditionally is a hoppy and nose-striking style. The combination results in a unique drink with a smooth mouthfeel and pungent kick.

About the taste

Vicious pours what a fashion catalog might call harvest orange and drinks with a ruddy, robust flavor. The taste is hoppy and husky - a raw, wheat-y essence of field grains swirling amid a generous dose of bitter buds. You'll taste this beer long after you put down your glass.

North Peak brewers think wheat IPAs will develop into a more popular style. If other breweries can concoct things as delightful as Vicious, they might be right.