For a movie that features a baby projectile pooping into a man's mouth - before the opening credits, mind you - "The Change-Up" isn't all that bad.

Yeah, it's got that hackneyed "Freaky Friday" redux plot and some awfully lowbrow gags (see above). But it's often quite funny, with plenty of heart and stars that pull it above the Adam Sandler line.

Mitch and Dave have been best friends since childhood, but their paths have diverged. Dave (Jason Bateman) is a workaholic attorney and father of three. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is an underworked actor whose life seemingly consists of casual sexual encounters and 9 a.m. bong hits.

After the obligatory "I wish I had your life" conversation, the friends awaken to find they have switched bodies. Hilarity ensues.

Despite the painfully lazy setup - the big switch happens because the two simultaneously urinate in a fountain? - there's more than a little to like here.

Similar material would have been unbearable as an Adam Sandler/Kevin James movie, but Reynolds has undeniable charm, and Bateman has never been better.

Leslie Mann gives a funny and heartfelt performance as Dave's loving but neglected wife.

It's stuff like that makes the poop jokes and nudity (CGI-enhanced, by the way) feel even more lowbrow. Still, if you can handle that switch, you'll probably enjoy "The Change-Up."