A while back, Alexandra Kelley Fox had to draw the line.

A while back, Alexandra Kelley Fox had to draw the line.

She didn't want to, of course. Given a day with additional hours, the public relations guru would spend them convincing Columbus to love even more of the things she does.

But the founder of Alexandra 477 can only hype so many things.

"It's been a little over two years since I went into business for myself," she said from a comfortable perch in the MoJoe Lounge in the Short North. "I've gotten to the point where I, unfortunately, do have to say no to some things."

During the past several years, she's been known for saying yes.

She makes a living writing and creating marketing campaigns for larger clients, but she takes special pride in doing work, often pro bono, for a host of grassroots events. Right now, her list includes some of the hippest, most popular happenings in town.

The Goodale Park Music Series is midway through its third season and has grown to include food carts and crafting. In the same space and spirit is Screen on the Green, the outdoor movie series that features local eats. And Pecha Kucha events in Columbus have attracted as many as 1,200 people.

Though hesitant to hype herself, she appreciates culture, loves people and values everything homegrown in Columbus. She embodies what makes the city so great - and has done a good deal to make it that way.

To watch her is to watch out for the next event you'll likely be attending soon.

"I like working on and putting together events that help prove and promote that which makes us unique," she said. "It's another way to bring people together - that's what I'm all about."