If you've participated in one of Cloudhaus' live painting sessions around town, you might see your work in a gallery setting this weekend.

If you've participated in one of Cloudhaus' live painting sessions around town, you might see your work in a gallery setting this weekend.

ROY G BIV's annual exhibition of work from a local arts organization this year spotlights the one-and-a-half-year-old group, made up of more than 90 Central Ohio artists. Paintings previewed from the show are diverse in specific style, but they're all wildly colorful melanges of mostly abstract imagery, each brimming with energy and good humor.

As Cloudhaus marketing director Kacy Smith explained, "The show is comprised of Cloudhaus community-created artwork. Not only did any number of our members contribute to the creation of each piece, but members of the community at large also contributed to each and every one."

Cloudhaus has connected with the public through a community known for inducing a good mood - the local bar scene. It's hosted painting and music events at Rumba Cafe and Bernie's, inviting both artists and the artistically curious to pick up a brush and participate. Members' work can be seen in murals on the exteriors of Kobo and Crew lovers' haunt Hooligans.

The group has also held classes at Wild Goose, helped create public murals at Comfest, painted naked flesh at Trauma, orchestrated a boombox parade in the Arena District and produced an awesome zombie-shooting game with lasers for the carnival section of the 2011 Columbus Arts Festival.

Cloudhaus' fun-centric approach to arts outreach feeds a core emphasis on community involvement, individual creative growth and raising funds for a variety of causes.

According to Smith, "All of our events and artwork are done with charity in mind, either by giving 50 percent of [proceeds] to a local charity or creating an event for the benefit of a specific charity."

The Ohio Environmental Council and the Ohioan-run Marafiki orphanage in Africa are among the past recipients.

Brothers Drake Meadery

As if the arrival of National Mead Day weren't enough of a reason to visit Brothers Drake on Saturday, there's also Cap City Creatives' massive multimedia show celebrating the creative networking group's second anniversary.

Along with works by 17 artists, such as group founder Whitney Works, Andrea Fox and Arlo Moon, the opening reception for "What the Flux?" boasts a live music lineup and three short films, including one by Derek Stewart and Miles Curtiss (a.k.a. Marvin the Robot) that's fresh from the 48 Hour Film Festival.

Marcia Evans Gallery

Marcia Evans Gallery ushers in the fall with a two-month show featuring two Columbus artists, Trevor Boyle and Michael Halliday, who explore different means of abstraction. Boyle creates highly textural works by combining acrylic paint with tar and other materials, while Halliday offers canvases that through composition and paint effects simultaneously recall impressionism, abstract expressionism and street art.