Three stylish locals share their thoughts on bar-going looks, loves and losers (ahem, Carhartts in the club).

Who: Dionte Johnson, owner of Sole Classics

What are you wearing? Shirt by Kingsrowe. Wallet by Diamond Supply. Shoes by Vans. Watch by G-Shock.

Describe your nightlife style: Sneakers and tees. I'm not busy trying to be older or younger than I am.

Any item you wear whenever you go out? A Kingsrowe tee

Favorite fashion icon: No one person in particular. I pick up styles and pieces from everywhere.

Favorite Columbus bar: Skully's

Favorite Columbus nightlife activity: Going to see local shows

On your iPod when getting ready for a night out: Locals like Fabrashay A and P. Blackk. Dom Kennedy when I need something mellow and chill. Once upon a time I listened to Gucci Mane, but that got me too crunk.

Any rituals you have when you go out: Drink a lot of water and find a good D.D.

Nightlife style no-no: Carhartts, jean shorts, sandals with socks.

Preferred drink: A Shirley Temple. I don't drink much. But if I do, Hennessy.

Preferred drink to buy someone you're trying to impress: Some kind of Goose or Ciroc for the first drink so the second one I buy her tastes the same but costs less.

Best pickup line you've ever heard: Any pickup line works on me. As for giving them, you really just need to make a lady laugh.

Any style advice for readers going out tonight? We sell a lot of things people see in videos, but don't get caught up in the hype. Just be yourself.