Who: Rachael Gordon, CD101 DJ

Who: Rachael Gordon, CD101 DJ

What are you wearing? Ring, purse, earrings from Forever 21. Boots from T.J.Maxx. Dress from Urban Outfitters. Tattoos by A.J. at High Street Tattoo.

Describe your nightlife style: Minnie Pearl

Any item you wear whenever you go out: Revlon 005 Strawberry Suede lipstick. And I always carry this bag. I have one bag until it falls apart.

Favorite fashion icon: Dolly Parton. No one rocks blond hair and fringe better than Dolly.

Favorite Columbus bar: Treehouse, Carabar, Barrel 44, Kobo

Favorite Columbus nightlife activity: Columbus rock shows and summer patio drinking

On your iPod when getting ready for a night out: Black Keys, Black Angels, Black Flag, Black Sabbath

Any rituals you have when you go out: ATM drive-by

Nightlife style no-no: Personal style is how you feel most comfortable, but please leave the Crocs at home.

Preferred drink: PBR and a shot of Jameson

Preferred drink to buy someone you're trying to impress: A shot of choice

Best pickup line you've ever heard: I have the worst memory for this one. I can't even remember good jokes.

Any style advice for readers going out tonight? Short skirts, bright lips, big hair.