About the brewery

About the brewery

Founders is known for making some of the most sought-after seasonals in the country. Try to find a sixer of the Kentucky Breakfast Stout released in March, and you'll see what I mean. But what about the brewery's line of year-round beers? Yeah, it's pretty good, too.

About the style

Pale ales were invented in Britain by brewers looking for a more consistent way to dry malted barley. Kilns powered by wood or raw coal were finicky and often overly roasted or even scorched malts. Brewers found that a processed form of coal, called coke, could produce lighter malts for beers that were paler than porters and stouts, the other common pints of the day.

The pale-ale trend eventually spread across the globe as brewers put a local stamp on the classic style. An American pale ale, or APA, usually strolls a tightrope between sweet and bitter and features domestic hop varieties like cascade.

About the beer

Pouring the inviting color of copper, this medium-bodied beer is subtle and savory - a fantastic example of an APA and a must-try beer for those who like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Anchor Liberty Ale.

You'll find a restrained sweetness bookended by a hop flavor that's slightly grapefruit, slightly grass. It's a perfect beer for the end of summer.