Sex! Bondage! Mormons!

Sex! Bondage! Mormons!

"Tabloid," Errol Morris' latest documentary, is a good deal more salacious than some of the topics he's previously covered. It's like his take on an "E! True Hollywood Story."

His subject is Joyce McKinney, a former Wisconsin beauty queen, and an alleged incident involving a Mormon missionary in the UK.

McKinney was accused of abducting him and chaining him to a bed, where she had sexual relations with him. She claimed the entire thing was a consensual act with a willing partner afraid of the wrath of his church. The 1977 case became fodder for British tabloids.

Morris is probably one of the most distinguished documentarians ever, with a newsman's flair for interviewing and TV producer's for recreating events from these interviews. This isn't among his very best, but it's brisk and entertaining.

The story is intriguing and often oddly funny. McKinney is a wild character you'd almost think is fictitious, all drawl and bluster. Her adamant denials are engaging, even when the facts don't line up.

You'll leave the theater as baffled by this colorful character as you are by the central mystery.