Beauty rituals for the ridiculously good looking have historically been ridiculous. Alive's picks for 15 cool beauty services for less than $150 are nothing like those.

Beauty rituals for the ridiculously good looking have historically been ridiculous. It's rumored Victorians used arsenic-laced eyedrops to make their eyes look bigger. The beautiful people of medieval times kept their skin pale by applying leeches to their bodies. Colonic irrigation, anyone?

Alive's picks for 15 cool beauty services for less than $150 are nothing like those.

Lucky for us, being attractive today has more to do with how you feel about yourself and the self-confidence you exude than the height of your coiffure (huge hair-covered wire cages were the 1770s version of hair extensions, only these could become home to literal rat's nests).

The following pages of spa and salon treatments are more along the lines of Romans' warm vegetable oil massages or Cleopatra's famous milk baths - beautifying, yes, but relaxing and beneficial, too.

Ah, you feel calmer already, don't you?

Ladies, indulge in a raspberry-chocolate oil pedicure or streamline your beauty routine with an express facial. Gentlemen, although relaxing while that straight-edge razor is centimeters away from your jugular may seem as unnatural as powdering a curly wig each morning (a la our founding fathers), we promise a barbered shave is an art form you're lucky to get to enjoy.

All this without breaking the bank. Look at you. Wonderful.

Services for men

Straight-razor shave

How much: $35

Where: The Mug & Brush, 2433 N. High St., North Campus

Make an appointment: 614-263-5518,

Jim Morris, owner of The Mug & Brush, has a routine before placing his razor to the lathered stubble of a client. He stretches his arm out to the side and then circles it around, like a sideways, slow motion baseball pitch - all concentration, dedication and finesse.

He attributes this move to stretching out his arm and fixing his shirt sleeve so it doesn't bug him as he's shaving, but his steady-handed warm-up is a visual to visitors - as they wait on vintage barber chairs by the shop's guitar and bookshelf stocked with magazines and Roy Orbison DVDs - that they're in good hands.

Multiple soap and hot towel applications soften the beard and open the pores and relax the client. Cool fact: The repetitive soaping is a tradition that began in the old days, when routine showers weren't common and barbers needed to clean layers of dirt off the men's faces before the shave.

Your face will be silky smooth and on its way out the door in about half an hour.

Men's hot stone relaxation massage

How much: $90

Where: Skin Perfect, 2117 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris

Make an appointment: 614-846-8420,

You can get an hour-long massage for $77, but a hot stone add-on is only $13 and absolutely worth it. The gently heated basalt stones (rich in iron, so they hold the heat longer) are rubbed or applied to key points of your back to totally relax the muscles - relaxation being the key goal of this service. The stones also help the esthetician push deeper into the muscle and sculpt tightly wound muscles.

Skin Perfect's men's massage also promises to improve circulation, relieve stress and act like oil for rusty joints. The muscle tension relief is especially great for athletes or guys who do regular manual labor like construction or auto body work.

Business T ravel image consultation

How much: $150

Where: Modern Male Spa, 24 Darby St., Dublin

Make an appointment: 614-588-0550,

This Dublin spa is focused on guys. From haircuts to sports injury massages, back waxing to backpack packing. Yep, these stylists will even help you narrow down your best sartorial selections for a trip. Purchase the Business Travel image consulting session and a stylist will spend two hours with you creating mix-and-match clothing options to minimize your final luggage load and adhere to tricky Transportation Security Administration guidelines.

Arte-Man facial

How much: $95

Where: Artemis Revolution, 6108 Parkcenter Circle, Dublin

Make an appointment: 614-793-8346,

Without getting all technical on you, men's faces are from Mars, women's faces are from Venus. The average facial will not be as rewarding as one specifically tailored to the hazards survived by your manly mug. Artemis medical spa in Dublin offers a facial that addresses the particular effects of things like stress and shaving on a man's face. Your skin tone will be more even and your face will look refreshed after a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and calming masque, perfect for skin regularly on the receiving end of a razor blade.

Gentleman's manicure

How much: $32 (six sessions for $150)

Where: The Woodhouse Day Spa, 19 N. High St., Dublin

Make an appointment: 614-790-8822,

It's too bad that reductive stereotypes of masculinity have kept men from getting manicures and pedicures for so long. Not only are clean nails and soft hands better looking, they're healthier, too. Manicures are like facials for your hands (pedicures are for your feet). A fella's manicure from Woodhouse Day Spa takes about 25 minutes and includes nail trimming and a moisturizing treatment that supplies nutrients and oils to soften hands and restore cuticles (the flexible half moon of skin at the bottom of your nail that help keep bacteria out). Woodhouse's man menu also includes reflexology sessions, hot towel facials and a deep-tissue massage.

Ultra Back Remedy

How much: $60

Where: The Strand Cafe, 1129 N. High St., Short North

Make an appointment: 614-299-2614,

Dudes get bacne. It happens. Try this system of cleansing, steam and exfoliation to help clear out those pores and remove the dead skin that could be adding to the problem. Afterward you'll get a back and shoulder massage and a masque that will quell any irritation.

Couple ' s massage suite

How much: Varies

Where: Charles Penzone Grand Salon, 771 Polaris Pkwy., Polaris

Make an appointment: 614-418-5350,

Planning consistently creative dates is difficult, so here's a freebie for you, certain to woo. Book the Charles Penzone private massage suite for pairs. You pay for the massage of your choice while relaxing with your beloved.

If you're looking to stay in our $150 budget, try the upper body therapeutic massage ($55 each) for 30 minutes of neck, shoulder and back attention. The Full Body Therapeutic Massage ($75), Body Polish Massage ($88) and the hour-and-a-half-long mac daddy, the Grand Massage ($127), also sound fantastic and date worthy.

The romantic room is only available at the Charles Penzone Grand Salon at Polaris, and it books up fast for weekends. Plan months ahead if you're looking to use this to get lucky on Valentine's Day.