Eyelash tinting and add-ons

Eyelash tinting and add-ons

How much: $15

Where: Nicci Debro Spa, 274 Marconi Blvd., Ste. 100, Arena District

Make an appointment: 614-228-5670, niccidebrospa.com

Anyone who uses mascara on a regular basis has begrudgingly wished at least once to wake up with those long and dark lashes effortlessly popping out of their peepers, mascara wand not necessary.

Wish no more. Black and brown eyelash extensions come in various volumes and lengths. They're reminiscent of fake eyelashes you buy at a drugstore, except they are applied as individual lashes and are adhered with an adhesive that can last up to three weeks. A liquid stain is used in eyelash tinting, which lasts one to two weeks. They can be tinted as dark as if you had on mascara but without the potential for spider-leggy clumps.

Bathe and swim in your new lashes, just don't play with them too much. If you're prone to eye allergies, extensions aren't recommended.

Naturally gifted with long, charcoal-black lashes? Try the spa's 100 percent Egyptian cotton eyebrow threading - like plucking or waxing but without the tediousness or itchy red skin irritation.

Chocolate Fix Pedicure

How much: $75

Where: The Retreat Salon and Day Spa, 6565 Perimeter Dr., Dublin

Make an appointment: 614-761-7661, theretreatspa.com

This salon offers other popular pedicures that give a nod to the culinary world, like the mandarin honey and white tea pedicure or the peppermint pedicure, but the chocolate fix pedi sounds particularly delightful.

Take your pick between cherry, raspberry or mint chocolate flavors for your oil, scrub and exfoliant. Sorry, though, no consumable chocolate included. In alignment with the spa's wellness approach, you'll be given a fresh vanilla yogurt, fruit and granola parfait instead.

Paramedical microdermabrasion

How much: $130 for single visit (special discount prices in September)

Where: Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-Spa, 980 N. High St., Short North

Make an appointment: 614-294-7546, mukhaspa.com

Microdermabrasion is a powerful exfoliating treatment - your regular gritty face wash times 1,000. It brightens and evens the color of your skin, leaving you looking refreshed without having to apply foundation. This service uses the ExcellaDerm system, noted for an air supply device on the machine that eliminates bacteria during the treatment. The paramedical microdermabrasion also helps minimize the appearance of acne scars.

Leave it to the certified professionals at Mukha to determine what treatment works best for your skin type. Some microdermabrasion techniques are too abrasive for sensitive skin, and not everyone can get this treatment. New clients must always go in for a consultation first.

The medi-spa offers an anti-inflammatory facial ($75) designed for testy skin, such as those affected by rosacea and eczema, and a rapid exfoliation technique ($45) for those of you on the go.

Express facials, pedicures and manicures

How much: $20-$42

Where: J. Bentley Studio & Spa, 8882 Moreland St., Powell

Make an appointment: 614-790-8828, jbentley.com

If you picture your spa visit as a luxurious day-long dream, with grape leaves fanning and fluffy pillows everywhere skip this service. This is for you busy gals living in a 9 to 5 reality who want the quality results of a salon service without the time commitment. The express services at J. Bentley cut the luxuries - like the scrubs, massages and hot towels - and get down to business. You'll be heading back to your day in half an hour. The spa also offers microzone treatments, which are services that troubleshoot a focused problem or zone on your face (blackheads, dark circles, dry skin) in 25 minutes or less for around $25.

Echo2 Plus Oxygen treatment

How much: $140

Where: The Skin Center, 1050 Beecher Crossing N., Ste. C, Gahanna

Make an appointment: 614-939-1188, theskincentermd.com

There are four steps in this treatment for your face, which is great for skin that is dull, oily or actively breaking out in acne. Exfoliation is first, removing the dead skin cells lounging on your face, and then a solution is applied to cleanse, tone and condition. Next an Osmotic Hydration conditioning treatment is performed involving a vitamin masque that pumps moisture into the skin cells just below the surface. Finally, vitamin- and mineral-enhanced oxygen is misted onto your face.

Tinsel hair extensions

How much: Around $2 per strand

Where: Rendezvous Hair Salon, 1644 N. High St., Campus

Make an appointment: 614-516-6393, rendezvoushair.com

Feather extensions are so summer 2011. Time to put some bling in your business. These glittery extensions are knotted into your hair and can be curled, washed, flat ironed and brushed. Depending on how many you elect to get put in, the tinsel can be subtle and sexy or fist pumping with pizzazz.

Golden Glow self-tan ner

How much: $90

Where: Kenneth's Hair Salon and Day Spa, multiple locations

Make an appointment: 614-538-5800, kenneths.com

Getting a sun-kissed tan from the sun, tanning bed or store-bought bottle can leave you feeling guilty, burnt or orange. Skip all that with this self-tanning application.

Anyone who's ever tried to get a fake tan from a foam knows the perils of not exfoliating before slopping it on your skin. Getting rid of the lingering dead layers is the key to making a fake tan hold its color and settle streak free. Golden Glow includes a head to toe exfoliation followed by an application of a special self-tanning lotion that moisturizes deep, helping the glow stay consistent and gorgeous for a week.

Botanical hair and scalp therapy

How much: $50

Where: Phia Salon, 771 N. High St., Short North

Make an appointment: 614-545-7100, phiasalon.com

Phia co-owner Elizabeth Bella describes the hair and scalp as a mini eco-system. If one isn't nurtured properly, the other will have a hard time growing to its fullest bloom. This new Aveda therapy just arrived at the salon and heals your whole head. You can choose from a scalp treatment, a hair treatment or a treatment for both. The earth-friendly moisturizer that's applied repairs hair up to 84 percent, according to Aveda. The service also includes a hand, arm, shoulder and scalp massage and a mini facial. New clients getting a hair cut or color now through Nov. 1 can get an express version of the service for free. Just ask!