Buckeyes, bites, bars, Bloodys - everything you need to know to get ready for your football festivities

Football is a particularly American obsession, and the ritual of tailgating is integral to that obsession. Name another nation better at decorating old-school buses and RVs and equipping them with everything a person needs to clog his arteries for years.

There is an art to tailgating, a base of knowledge to build. What will you feed the ravenous hordes? Do you know your Bauserman from your Braxton? What's your first cocktail of the day? And if you are so unfortunate as to be ticketless, can you aim accurately for the right place to perch for the day? This week, Alive is answering those pressing questions - and more!

So, yes, Hank Williams Jr., for the millionth time, we are ready for some football. We were born ready.