Kind of Blue

Gorgonzola Pasta ($10),

The Draw: Supremely soothing upscale (but damn cheap!) mac and cheese combining fun-shaped bowtie pasta, a pungent and lovely gorgonzola sauce plus (I'm not lying!) sexy veggies.

Dig in: When this ceramic crock is whisked out - along with its seductive aromas - you're liable to feel as giddily fizzy as the blue-cheesy bubbles percolating up from the smoldering, wood-oven-seared dish.

Atop a face-warming and tongue-swarming base of farfalle and gorgonzola are richness-cutting high-heat-blistered tomatoes and broccoli. Trust me, even veggie haters won't be able to resist their "healthy" charms when immersed in that intense, buttery and creamy blue cheese sauce.