Peaches record crate, $25

Buy it: Elizabeth's Records

Back in the day, the coolest way to store your vinyl LPs was in an official Peaches brand crate. Now that vinyl is back en vogue, Peaches is back in business too.

3037 Indianola Ave., Clintonville 614-569-6009

Beach Boys, "The Smile Sessions" Box Set, $139

Buy it: Spoonful Records

Stare down the barrel of the pop music canon with this expansive box set, which exhaustively chronicles the sessions that birthed Brian Wilson's masterpiece. Four LPs, two 7-inches and five CDs are included, and unlike other box sets, that amount is not gratuitous.

116 E. Long St., Downtown 614-586-1918

Spotify premium subscription, $10 per month

Buy it: Spotify

Direct from the UK, Spotify is the hottest new streaming music service. It's free, but for a monthly fee you get crucial bonus features like the ability to stream the service's entire vast catalog on your phone.

Beats by Dr. Dre Solo headphones, $180

Buy it: Radio Shack

If the audiophile in your life can't have "Detox," at least he can have high-end headphones endorsed by the Doctor himself, all the better for enjoying "The Chronic," "2001" and even records by other artists.

2106 N. High St., Campus 614-429-0260

Beyonce, "Live at the Roseland: Elements of 4" DVD, $15

Buy it: Amazon

This concert film captures one of the biggest stars of our generation tearing through her greatest hits on stage in New York, plus a second disc of music videos from the new "4," including the controversial, instant classic "Countdown" clip.