A Cheerful Pet wool toys, $5-12.50

Buy it: theDogWorks/cats2

These little creatures - which come in sizes that are ideal for dogs or cats - are made out of all-natural wool by Nepali artisans, most of whom are widows. Crafting the toys provides the women with enough income to provide for their families.

195 Thurman Ave., German Village 614-449-0045 dogworkscats2.com

Lickety Stik, $7

Buy it: Village Pet Supply

How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of this bottle of chicken-flavored goodness? About 500. How many licks does it take to make a dog happy? Let's just say you should stock up with several Lickety Stiks.

740 S. High St., German Village 614-443-1784 villagepet.net

We Pity the Kitty All Natural Cat Treats, $6

Buy it: Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery, purveyor of many beautiful doggy delicacies, feels bad that dogs get most of the attention. To make its feline friends feel less left out, the shop sells preservative- and filler-free gourmet cat treats in two flavors, salmon and chicken.

611 N. High St., Short North 614-221-3647 threedog.com

Frolicat Twitch, $20

Buy it: Posh Pets

With the Frolicat Twitch, your kitty won't be bored when you're not around. The Twitch, which suctions to a flat surface, makes a toy on a string swing and bounce at intervals throughout the day.

743 N High St., Short North 614-299-7387 poshpetsboutique.com

Protex Pawz dog boots, $13-20

Buy it: Moochie & Co

These colorful natural rubber booties are perfect for the winter, protecting pooches' feet from mud, snow and salt. They're disposable but can also be reused, and the thin material gives dogs a sense of security by letting them feel the ground.