You've heard, I'm sure, the media hubbub about Congress declaring pizza to be a vegetable.

You've heard, I'm sure, the media hubbub about Congress declaring pizza to be a vegetable.

The story is a little more complicated than that - the legislation actually blocked an attempt to increase the amount of tomato sauce necessary to be considered a serving of vegetables, so schools can continue to count a slice of pizza with two tablespoons of tomato sauce as equal to a serving of vegetables.

We all think this is ridiculous, of course, because we remember the greasy slices of cheese and pepperoni served up in our own school cafeterias. Left out of this debate is what seems to me to be a simple solution: Why don't schools just stick some vegetables on top of the pizza?

Yep, if Grandview's Bono Pizza supplied the lunchtime pies for America's schools, kids would be knocking out a big chunk of their daily vegetable intake with a couple of slices.

A bunch of Bono's pizzas are piled with truly impressive amounts of fresh veggies on top of a perfectly restrained amount of scratch-made sauce and fresh mozzarella. Meaty toppings are cooked on top of the pies in a blazing-hot wood-fired oven, but fresh green vegetables are usually added at the very end - meaning they retain their great crunch.

Take the Hulk, the greenest pizza you'll ever have the pleasure of eating. The witty Bono menu describes the Hulk as being made with a thin layer of fresh pesto, fresh mozzarella and "every green thing we can find lying around."

This time of year, that means big leaves of baby spinach and arugula, diced chunks of zucchini and green bell peppers, thin green onion rings, great marinated artichokes, and some salty capers and green olives.

In other words, yes, it is possible to feel virtuous after devouring an entire pizza. (Bono's thin-crust, 10-inch pizzas are each $10 - just perfect for a hefty one-person serving.)

Not a fan of pesto? Try the Verdura, which is similarly loaded with fresh green veggies, but topped with tomato sauce instead.

Here are a couple of other veggie-heavy Bono options to explore:

Barcelona: tomato sauce, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, garlic and eggplant top this cheeseless pie

Greek Boy: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, feta, Kalamata olives and fresh spinach

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