Jackie Mantey looks back on the year in style.

10. Bold lips

After giving them plenty of time in the nude, Columbus ladies covered up their kissers in color this year. Particularly popular were shades of red and purple.

9. Bow ties for guys

We spotted bow ties at local hip clothiers this year - and they're not catering to your grandfather's generation. Mix pattern and color to make a look that's sharp but not stuffy.

8. Nude-colored high heels

There were two major benefits of this trend - financial and aesthetic. A) Nude shoes work with any color outfit, so there was no need to buy a black and brown pair to swap out accordingly. B) Everyone's gams look longer in nude stilettos.

7. Half-shaved haircut

Business on one side, backstage VIP party on the other side. This haircut - long and shaved on alternate sides - was instant rock star.

6. Feather extensions

Whether they were made from rooster plumes or were vegan look-alikes, these hair extensions added pops of unexpected color and texture into the city's trendy coifs. The feather extensions either made one look like an avian goddess or Ke$ha, thus it was also the riskiest style trend of the year.

5. Fake glasses

Those with virile vision faked it, wearing thick-framed numbers as either an inexpensive way to spice up their wardrobes and/or a way to be ironic, annoying real nerds and near-blind people everywhere.

4. Ohio pride

We'd put an Ohio on Ohio if it was possible. Our state's shape was the most popular style silhouette of the year - showing up on everything from coasters to soaps, jewelry to cookie cutters - letting us stylishly prove our state pride. The popularity even spawned a successful local company: State Line sells tees and sweatshirts with Ohio-shaped pockets.

3. Columbus-designed T-shirts

Plenty of players were added to Columbus' deep bench of standout T-shirt design lines. Several local names earned national recognition, like Traxler Tees, Homage and Kingsrowe. And Skreened, which began as a one-man act in 2006, moved in October to a warehouse on Silver Drive to accommodate its growing business.

2. Repurposed everything

Consider this the offspring of shopping thrifty and eco-friendly - major style trends of years past. We saw local designers making new jewelry pieces made from old baubles, up-cycling clothing from discarded fabric and making decor from anything that's malleable. All the benefits of DIY without actually having to do it yourself. As they increasingly demand sustainability from their purchases, Columbus shoppers can't get enough.

1. Shopping local

Apropos of Nos. 2, 3 and 4, buying from local stores, boutiques, designers and crafters became the most popular way to support Columbus' economy and talented artisans while also getting unique, high-quality stuff.