The Beatles released "Let It Be" eight months after "Abbey Road," even though "Let It Be" was recorded first.

The Beatles released “Let It Be” eight months after “Abbey Road,” even though “Let It Be” was recorded first.

Thus, riddle any serious Beatles fan this: If you were to sing songs from all Fab Four albums in chronological order, which album would you sing last? Watch fans fire off in a chicken-or-the-egg sort of tailspin.

Or just bring them to local musician Joe Peppercorn’s annual Beatles marathon at Kobo this Thursday. Starting with 1963’s “Please Please Me,” Peppercorn and his band will sing the Beatles’ complete recorded works in chronological order of their release. They’ll follow that rule right on down to track orders.

Grab a beer and sing along for, oh, 10 hours. Any Beatles fan, serious or otherwise, will get a kick out of this show.